Meet Liz

Hi and welcome to my blog! I’m so glad you’re here! As a self-taught home cook, my goal here is to inspire people to become better at-home cooks by developing delicious recipes that are 97% whole food and 100% gluten free. I want to promote an easy going and approachable brand of cooking that speaks to a wide range of tastes and helps people with gluten intolerance or celiac disease focus on what they can have instead of what they can’t. 


What Youll Find on the Blog

Here you can expect to find everything from a 30 minute skillet lasagna to weekend baking and cocktails, to  soups and foods with an ethnic twist. The recipes you’ll find here are inspired by the memories, people, and places that I hold dear. And real talk: some of them aren’t inspired by anything. I just had an idea and it sounded delicious!

Most of my recipes are whole food based as well as gluten free (but I promise you won’t notice). I have spent 15 years as a home chef and cooking for my husband who has celiac disease. It’s a blessing in disguise because had it not been for his diagnosis, I may have never learned to cook anything from scratch or be as creative as I am in the kitchen! In the last 9 years we have added 3 children to our family who have been an absolute joy despite all of the challenges that parenting small humans can bring. They are all the real inspiration behind why I cook each day. In another life I may have gone to culinary school or owned a quaint cafe, but to be quite cliché, I wouldn’t trade what God has so graciously given me for anything. At the end of the day, my hope is that my children have great memories of learning and serving in the kitchen and meals can be one of the things that brings us back together again as they grow older. I would be lying if I said this blog wasn’t, in part, created for my children to be a digital diary and cookbook for them that they can carry with them as they grow up.

In addition to all of the recipes featured here, follow me on Instagram (@lizlaughlovefood) or my Facebook page Liz Laugh Love Food, where you’ll find even more recipes, shares, and ideas.

When I’m not in the kitchen, I love hanging out with my husband and three kids (9, 7, and 2), singing on my church’s worship team, and being a little bit of a fitness fanatic.

My Food Philosophy

To me, recipes should be approachable and enjoyable. Not intimidating and condescending. 


Not every night in the kitchen has to look gourmet. In fact, for the average person, most nights won’t! Not all food has to be fancy (although I admit I do enjoy making and eating “fancy” things), but that’s not always practical and I get that. Not all food has to be the best (or best looking) thing you’ve ever put on the table. Don’t talk yourself out of trying something new just because you know it won’t turn out like a picture you saw. My desire is to be here to create recipes you and your famliy will enjoy and support you along the way.

Lastly and most of all, I want to say thank you so much for stopping by and I hope this little corner of the internet makes your cooking journey more enjoyable and as delicious as ever!



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One Pot Gluten Free Cheeseburger Macaroni

When I start to get desperate for meal ideas and we are running low on groceries, I often turn to pantry staples to help me break my rut. Although there are a few celiac-safe places in town we can grab takeout, I kind of like forcing myself to be creative in the kitchen. For some…

Skillet Brownie for Two (gluten free)

I am a sucker for a brownie, but I’m also passionate about what a brownie should be like. For instance, when someone says “I like a cakey brownie.” Ma’am, you like chocolate cake. A cakey brownie is not a brownie. It’s cake. A brownie is fudgy, super chocolatey, rich, and decadent. The end. Ok, great,…

Accidentally Super Fluffy Gluten and Dairy Free Pancakes

Before starting my food blog about a year ago, I made Saturday pancakes on the regular, but since I now homeschool and only have the weekends and a dwindling naptime to work, I start first thing Saturday mornings, and pancake time has slowly had to evolve into mommy working time. Instead of making pancakes, I’m…

Thai Curry Shrimp and Noodles

I love when a little game of what do we have in the pantry goes really right. I have made Thai red curry noodle dishes before, and this one is not claiming to be authentic, but it’s inspired by the amazing flavors of the dishes I have made and what I know about Thai cooking….