Dalgona Coffee with Brown Sugar Boba

I am happy to announce that dalgona coffee and brown sugar boba just became best friends!

I had already had my coffee for the day and wasn’t planning on doing more than just a taste test after making this trendy drink,  but let’s just say that I currently have the shakes because I may not have stopped after “just a taste.”  To be honest, I have been thinking about formulating and making this drink for several weeks just for my own self and not necessarily to share BUT

It was so good and I have to share with you all!


So dalgona coffee is not for every day (at least for me), but if I have a couple of extra minutes, it’s a small thing that makes my coffee feel extra special and I enjoy both the flavor and the texture. It does pack a punch, so beware if you do not like strong coffee. Speaking from experience, I love the look of the foam on top, but I highly recommend mixing it in a little with your milk of choice before taking a big sip or it will straight up punch you in the taste buds!

Now for the boba part. If you are not familiar with bubble tea (or boba), these teas with deliciously chewy tapioca pearls are an amazing part of Taiwanese culture. Iconic even! Did you know that bubble teas rose to popularity in the US because of congress passing the immigration and nationality act in 1965? This gave Taiwanese immigrants the ability to immigrate to the US where a lot of bubble tea shops popped up and quickly grew in popularity. Now there are literally thousands of bubble tea shops everywhere! I’m so thankful for this little part of culture that we get to enjoy right here in my hometown! So next time you drink your boba, do it with gratitude to Taiwanese culture and the immigrants that first came here and introduced us to this amazing drink!

I had originally purchased some boba (black tapioca pearls) from amazon because I was really missing my favorite milk tea with boba from our bubble tea lounge here in town and I wanted to make it at home during quarantine, but I ended up with a lot of boba and decided it would be super yummy in something else besides my oolong tea one day.

I’m telling you this boba just took dalgona over the edge for me. I know it’s extra, but I admit I like to be extra sometimes.

Oh, and I also found this super easy way to make dalgona! Instead of dirtying up your mixer, just put all of your dalgona ingredients in a blender bottle (make sure the ball whisk is in it) and shake like you mean it for about one minute (the longer you shake the thicker it will get)! Then just use your rubber spatula to scrape all of that coffee goodness onto your milk and boba!

So in conclusion, if you are a dalgona drinker (or even iced coffee for that matter!) try it with some of this brown sugar boba! It will change your life…or at least change up your normal coffee for a day or two 😉

Love to you all!

Dalgona Coffee with Brown Sugar Boba


For the dalgona:
2 tbsp instant coffee (I use cafe bustelo instant espresso powder)
1 tbsp stevia
1 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp hot water

For the boba:
1/4 cup black tapioca pearls
1 tbsp brown sugar


Make the boba:
Boil the boba (it’s much like you’d boil pasta) so just boil some water and put in as many Boba as you would like. The boba will expand as they cook so just make sure your pot of water isn’t filled to the top 🙂 I usually cook about 1/4 cup of boba for the size of drink we are making but feel free to add more if you’d like more! Boil them for two minutes then turn the heat off and let them sit for two minutes covered.

While the tapioca are sitting, put one tablespoon of Brown sugar and one cube of ice in a small bowl.

Drain the tapioca from their hot water and then put them in the bowl with the brown sugar and ice. stir until ice melts.

Make the coffee:

Place all ingredients in a blender bottle and shake it like you mean it for 1-2 minutes or until the ball inside isn’t moving well and it’s the consistency you’d like (about one full minute did the trick for me :))

Pour your choice of milk (I prefer coconut) into a small 8oz glass about 1/2 of the way full. It doesn’t have to be exact.

Spoon in your boba leaving behind as little or as much of the syrup as you’d like (the more you add the sweeter the drink will be, but keep in mind the sugar from the dalgona coffee will make it sweet as well).

Using a rubber spatula scrape out your coffee fluff onto the top of the boba and milk. I stir mine around a little to mix before I take a sip so that the coffee fluff is not quite as potent (believe me it slaps!) but you can play around with how you like your dalgona. Cheers!!

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  1. This looks very cool – I love Dalgona coffee but this is a cool twist!

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